Mixed Berry Sea Moss Smoothie

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Hey FamBam!

As many of you already know, my family and I do a cleanse every change of the seasons. I posted a series of videos from my summer cleanse on my Instagram page for all of our friends and family to participate with us. It was an awesome experience and you all shared some great testimonies with us!

So with that said, my body knows that it's cleansing time too. I've been craving more raw foods, smoothies, and light fare more often. So, I made a huge batch of mixed berry and sea moss smoothie. Check out how simple and easy it was.

Total Time
10 minutes

*All times are approximate.*


  • 1/4 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1/4 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1/4 cup frozen raspberries
  • 1/4 cup frozen blackberries
  • 1 Tablespoon sea moss gel
  • 3-4 dates
  • 1 1/2 Tablespoons flaxseeds
  • 1-1 1/2 cup(s) ice cubes
  • 1 cup water (more or less) 


  1. In a high speed blender, combine all ingredients and blend. Add more water a little bit at a time as needed to achieve your preferred thickness.
  2. When smoothie is entirely blended, pour, serve, and enjoy!

**Store leftovers in glass containers and refrigerate. Ice will melt, so you may end up with juice the next day like I did (lol). It was still delicious!**


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