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  I am not a doctor. I can not diagnose, cure, treat, prevent disease and illness. I am just here to share my experiences and things that I've learned.
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I am not a doctor. I do not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent illness and disease. I'm just here to share my own experiences in hopes that it may shed light on someone else's situation.
For at least 6 years, I have struggled with the ups and downs of anxiety and the effects that it can have on your mind and your body. I was officially diagnosed with general anxiety in 2014. Although its not known to be a major life-altering diagnosis, it was the first of its kind for me.
I would experience terrifying panic attacks. They would occur randomly. I could be driving along having a great day and all of a sudden there's a huge knot in my throat, my heart starts racing, I feel like I'm about to lose consciousness, like my mind is slipping away, and start having worries about death.
I had a really bad habit of seeing one therapist and then not going back after I started feeling better. To be completely transparent, this is a pattern that I still struggle to break, but I do know the importance of consistency. Just as we visit our dentists, herbalists, eye doctors, and primary care physicians, we should visit our therapists. Sure there are other ways to care for our minds, not just going to a therapists. I agree. Maybe you would rather talk things out with a trusted friend or family member. Maybe you would rather journal, spend time in nature, pray, meditate, do other rituals. Any of those things could work just fine too. At that point in my life, I was not aware that all of the symptoms that I was experiencing were pointing to any particular disorder, let alone general anxiety. I was running around to all of my doctors getting EKGs, ultrasounds on my heart, and everything else to make sure that I wasn't about to have a heart attack. Every one of those doctors recommended that I see a Psychotherapist because they suspected anxiety. It's a good thing that I decided to take their advice.
After years of battling my weight, anxiety, and more and more added stress, my husband and I decided that we needed to educate ourselves. We decided that our children would not have to endure the same struggles that we have had to endure, and that just maybe we might be able to help other people who feel stuck. We learned that the first thing to to regulate was my diet. Next I needed to adopt regular fitness and self care practices. Then we began to explore supplements.
Recently I had come across an herb called Passionflower. It has calming and mildly sedative properties. This could make it a good choice for some people that may experience insomnia, anxiety, stress and even ADHD.
Since I was diagnosed with general anxiety, I have discovered through a few experiences, that I have become extremely sensitive to caffeine. Somehow yesterday I'd managed to forget just how sensitive I have become to caffeine and decided to let my tastebuds dictate my fate. It was late in the evening when I decided to indulge in a few rows of a Lily's Salted Almond Extra Dark Chocolate bar which is 70% cacao. Why would I ever do that...and so late in the evening??? Those familiar anxiety symptoms appeared abruptly mid conversation while laying in bed that night. My heart started to race, I was losing my breath, and felt like I was about to lose consciousness. I was able to rationalize with myself enough to think about what I should do next. I quickly communicated to my husband how I was feeling, identified that it was probably the chocolate, took deep slow breaths to slow my heart rate, and went for the passionflower liquid extract. I'd taken one dropper full with water. Surely it worked because I began to sink into a deep relaxation. I'd experienced the best sleep that night than I'd been able to get in about a week, and the next day I was still feeling the effects. I felt a bit drowsy the first half of the day, so I would probably cut that dose in half the next time I use it.
Here are some links to the products that I've discussed. These are the ones that I have.

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